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 Bus Wraps for the University of MiamiTruck Wraps upto 7 years durabilityVan Wraps are a good way to communicate your message

FLEET GRAPHICS are an excellent way to get your companies message out on a 24/7 time frame. The graphic are moving billboards.

If you need assistance in design of your FLEET GRAPHICS please contact us and we will happy to work with you on your design. We can help you with your design needs or work with your existing design.   If you need a quotation contact us  Need Quotation

We produce FLEET GRAPHICS at all different price level based on your desired time you want the graphics to last.  Here are the different type of material we use on FLEET GRAPHICS.

                                      1. ECONOMY

                                      2. INTERMEDIATE

                                      3. LONG TERM

                                      4. WINDOW PERFORATION

                                      5. REFLECTIVE


Economy: Graphics are designed for short term use. From a few day up to a month.  Graphics are made for easy installation. They are also designed to come off the vehicle with ease leaving no damage to paint or permanent graphics underneath.

Intermediate: Graphics are designed for 1 year to 1.5 years.  Graphics are made for easy installation.  They are also designed to come off the vehicle with ease leaving no damage to paint underneath.

Long Term:  Graphics are designed for long term permanent.  Graphics are made for easy installation. Long term film laminate added for long term protection. Life span averages 5 years. Can last up to 8 years depending on UV exposure.

Window Perforation: Special film to cover the windows with graphics.  From inside the vehicle you can see thru but from outside cannot look in.

Reflective:  Reflective film give a special night time visibility.  At night all light reflects making the graphics stand out.




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