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                      Fabric Banners portray a very high image. Easy to transport (light weight), Washable.

Manufacturer of Dye Sublimated Fabric Banners, Direct digital print to Fabric banners.

Fabric Banners produce a high end image product.  We have numerous fabrics to pick from.  We have two manufacturing methods

  • dye sublimated custom fabric banners: which give a very light feel to the product this printing method is a transfer by heat that permeates into fabric which is the same method as printed clothing. Print can be washed many times before fading occurs. Good for inside banner application (not for outdoor use because it fades outside)

  • direct to fabric digital printed banners:  which give a heavier feel but can be used for the production of outdoor banners which lasts for a longer period of time and resist fading.Good print quality, not as vivid as dye sublimation. High quality ink will last up to 1 year in outdoor exposure.

Fabric Banner for Smirnoff Vodka, Easy to package, Light Weight, Washable, Dowels can be added for ease of hanging.  Fabric Banner produced either Dye Sublimation or Direct Digital Printing.   Fabric Banners work well in Roll Up Banner Stands. High Image Look. 

Custom Fabric banners
Fabric list:
Poly satin (shiny appearance, bright and brilliant)
Canvas: Thinker feel, matte appearance,
Poplin: light feel, vivid print
Dartef: Medium feel, matte print
Chiffon: Sheer, very light, translucent, matte print
Gaming cloth: matte print, water resistant, good for table coverings
DTS: heavy feel, dead opaque, good for 2 sided printing

Hot knife – process where edges are heat sealed to eliminate fabric shedding
Sewn hems – hem gives reinforcement in installation process, recommended for outdoor banner installations
Pole pockets – for use for dowel use
Grommets – help in many installation scenarios


Fabric Banners should be Direct Digital Printed if they will be used Outdoors.    Fabric Banners should be Dye Sublimated for a big color image for indoor locations.   Fabric Banners have numerous materials to choose from.  Poly Satin gives a high Gloss Look.  Oxford gives more of a Matte Appearance.   Fabric Banners can be folded or rolled for shipping.

Fabric Flag material is a good promotional banner product.  




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