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 Vinyl Banners, Great for outdoors, water resistant, reinforced vinyl for durability in weather conditions.    Fabric Banners give a rich presentation. Light weight. Produced Digitally or Screen Printed.      Paper banners is the most economical type.  For indoor use only, For short term events.


          POLY BANNERS                           PROMOTIONAL BANNERS

     Poly Banners are made of the most economical plastic.  Great for outdoor short time frame events.        Promotional Banners are an excellent way to get your message out. Promotional banners can be installed in many type of areas

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Custom Banners: Manufacturer of screen printed banners, offset printed banners and digitally printed banners

Graphic Images produces custom banners of all types. We produce banners from very small up to a maximum size of 100' x 100' on all types of materials. We produce banners with all current available printing methods ( Screen Print, Digital Print and Offset Print). Depending on your needs we will recommend the most economical method to give you the best quality. Please see below some of the common types of banners we produce.

Screen Printed Banners:

Screen Printing inline processor. Used in large runs of Screen Printed Banners.

· Durable (inks last up to 5 years outdoors and 10 years indoors)
· Economical for mid to large quantity runs
· Print in vinyl banner material (most popular because it’s very durable), from most  economical 10 oz to highest quality 20 oz
· Print on poly banner material for short-term event banners. (For outdoor and indoor applications)
· Hems can be added to give more structural support around the perimeter of the banner. Hems are not needed for indoor application.
· Grommets can be added for ease of installation
· Pole pockets are welded to desired size for stands or hanging apparatuses
· Ropes can be provided for ease of installation
· Screen printing allows for spot color and 4 color process printing (pictures), with or without bleeds.
· Can produce single or double sided banners.
· Lead time: 3 to 4 weeks

Digital Printed  Banners: 


Flatbed Digital Roll to Roll Digital
Digital Flatbed printer. Flatbed printers are used for smaller quantity banner runs.  Small setup times. Digital Roll to Roll printer. Used for longer quantity runs or for very large banners that will not fit on our Flatbed digital printer.




· Good option for small to medium quantity runs
· No size restrictions
· Can print up to 100’x100’ and beyond
· High resolution for color imaging (no spot color)
· Resolution is higher than screen printing
· Same finishing options available as screen printing
· Ink longevity up to 3 years outdoors and 10 years indoors
· Single and double sided printing is available
· Digital allows for faster availability vs. screen printing and offset printing
· Digital can print on paper, banner vinyl, vinyl mesh, poly banner material, canvas, and fabrics
· Lead times for digital printing: Minimum 2 days or more depending on size of project

Offset Printed Banners:

Offset Printing Press. Offset is the most economical option for large quatity banner runs. Can print on Paper or Poly Banner.  Inks are short term ( upto 3 mos outdoor). Cannot print on Banner Vinyl.

· For large quantity banners
· Maximum print size 77"x48"
· For outdoor usage up to 3 months
· For indoor usage up to 5 years
· Paper and poly banner only materials available (vinyl banners cannot be offset printed)
· 4 color process (pictures) and spot color printing available


Custom banners can be manufactured from provided artwork or you can work with our art department to help you create the design.  
Please e mail our
Customer Service Department  or call us at (954) 984-0015 if you have questions or need help.

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Phone numbers: (954) 984-0015
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